Things to Know before Wearing Foundation Makeup

Most women struggle to find the ideal skin tone and type of foundation. What’s the best finish for your skin, which formula suits your skin type, and what is your true-to-skin shade? Even though the ideal foundation gives you an even skin tone and hides insect blemishes or discoloration, wearing the wrong shade defeats the purpose.

No wonder you ought to get your foundation makeup right from the word go to put your best self forward. Furthermore, that is what this simple guide will assist you with uncovering today. Read on below to realize what’s expected of you while wearing makeup.

Understanding your complexion and undertone is crucial when choosing the best foundation for yourself. Your complexion and undertone are not the same, and it’s important not to confuse the two. Your undertone can be either warm (yellow) or cool (pink). The easiest way to determine your skin’s undertone is to observe what looks best on you.

That is silver or gold. Gold corresponds to a warm undertone, and silver corresponds to a cool undertone. Your undertone is what most complements your skin tone. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about your skin tone, you can consult your dermatologist to guide you accordingly.

Many people tend to have different-hued skin on their faces, necks, and hands. The logic of trying it on your hand only works in such cases. You could be tanned or simply two different shades. If your face and neck are the same tone, you can try it on your face and cheek.

When your forehead is a bit more tanned than your cheeks, it is ideal for testing the foundation on your forehead. Picking the shade of your forehead to look ashier or greyer defeats the purpose of utilizing foundation. When a variety blends into your skin, you realize it’s the best foundation shade for you.

As we wrap up, remember that finding the best foundation is a journey. It’s a good idea to explore the complete shade range online, select three shades that you believe could match your skin tone, and test them out in-store. Rest assured, by following these steps and the tips mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect foundation for you.


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