Why You Should Consider Doing Business In Bahrain

When mentioning the best countries for business, you can never risk skimping on what Bahrain offers. And some might think it is only about the country’s GDP that makes it worth your attention. But there is more to running business in Bahrain than meets the eye.

Actually, the country’s workforce are relatively young, for instance 60% of workers in the information and communications technologies industry are ages 18-24. They are also highly educated and can speak multiple languages.

It doesn’t end with that since Bahrain features a diverse economy besides the ICT industry, with plenty of business opportunities centered around financial services, manufacturing, logistics, tourism & leisure, to name a few. Opportunities are also available outside of these sectors, thus making it among the best countries for business.

You should keep in mind that Bahrain offers multiple benefits to entrepreneurs, who launch a startup company. This includes 100% foreign ownership, cost competitiveness, not forgetting an attractive regulator environment and an ecosystem that has been designed to incubate startups and offer support in scaling a business.

Aside from this, its economic strength and business opportunities make the country a highly regarded place to live and raise a family. And this is highly evident to the extent that half of the country’s population comprises foreign nationals. Bahrain was also ranked 1st overall in the InternNations Expat Insider 2018 survey, receiving top honors for ease of settling in and placing 2nd for personal happiness.

Of course, you can never run out of options when looking for the best countries for business aside from Bahrain. Other countries that you should certainly consider include Seychelles, Brunei, and Cyprus, to name but a few.

Actually, listed above are some of the strongest economies in the world and are among the best countries for business. Thanks to the favorable economic climate in each, it is reasonable to assume that the growth and stability in these countries will continue.

Be sure to factor in the pros and cons accompanies doing business in the above and other countries.  It is then that you can choose the ideal one for your needs.


Digi Pressly
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