Finding the Perfect Balance with Black Kitchen Cabinets

After spending some time shopping around, your mind is finally settled on buying black kitchen cabinets. There is nothing wrong with this purchase decision considering black doesn’t show wear and tear like white or light-colored cabinets do. This allows them to maintain their flawless experience, even when accidents occur.

The good thing about having your cabinets refaced is that you have the potential to find the ideal balance that works for your kitchen and your style preferences. Be sure to consider these options that allow you to have black kitchen cabinets without as many drawbacks.

Have a Black Center Island

In case you happen to have a kitchen island or merely have the space to have an island built and installed, it would be ideal to consider installing black cabinetry for it with lighter-colored wall cabinets. By taking this approach, the island will ‘ground’ the space and stand out as an attractive, functional focal point without being too overpowering.

Use Black Marble

Carrara-style white and grey marble continuous making its presence felt all over white kitchen ideas in recent years. However, you should not skimp on its darker counterpart. Black marble has what it takes to create a striking impact in a kitchen, whether it’s through the white-flecked patterns of marquina, or the luxurious crackle.

Pack in a Variety of Finishes

To stand a better chance of leaving a twinkle in your eye, it always pays off to pack black kitchen with visual interest. When working with a black kitchen, it is vital that you consider adding different finishes and texture to ensure it doesn’t look too one dimensional.

Glossy tiles, brushed metallics and black kitchen cabinets all combine beautifully. For instance, combining fluted glass and dark worktops add to the overall look of the kitchen while including a feature aged cabinet frontage adds a true wow-factor to your space.

The Bottom Line

Let’s be honest, black kitchen cabinets can make a bold statement for your space. They are a change from the lighter colors, and help ensure your kitchen space stands out. Just make sure that when picking our colors, you don’t make your kitchen too dark.

Luckily, you can always enlist help from experts online when buying black kitchen cabinets at CabinetDIY. Remember, CabinetDIY allows for on site direct purchase and offers door step shipping when buying cabinets from them.


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