Court Reporters: How to Ensure a Smooth Deposition

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It is quite evident that depositions are among the most flexible discovery devices available to lawyers and paralegals. The aim is always to take effective depositions that will come in handy during a court sessions. Actually, the process entails working closely with the best court reporters Seattle who documents the proceedings.

However, not just about any court reporter you come across is worth your time and attention. You need to be sure that you’re counting on the best there is for things to worm in your favor. Follow the tips below to help the court reporter in Seattle you’re partnering with do their job effectively.

Prepare a Notice of Deposition

Everyone who will be in attendance during the deposition needs to be sent a notice detailing the time and place where the event will take place. It is highly recommended that you offer this notice of deposition to your court reporter in Seattle when scheduling the meeting to ensure they have the needed information in advance. Only then can you enjoy a smooth partnership.

Hire and Interpreter if Need Be

In the event that anyone partaking in the deposition has weak English skills or a heavy accent, then it would make sense to consider hiring a legal interpreter from the court reporting firm in Seattle you work with. The essence of making this bold hiring decision is to remove any chance of confusion when recording the testimony of that given individual.

Introduce Yourself and the Witness

Keep in mind the best court reporters Seattle track the evidence to ensure consistency in the record. The exhibits must be numbered sequentially with easy-to-read labels before commencing the deposition. That’s why it always pays off to introduce yourself to the court reporter.

It doesn’t end at that since you need to ask each witness to state their name, together with the spelling, to ensure accuracy in the record. The witnesses should offer any additional pertinent information that they court may need, such as their mailing address, place of employment, and phone number. This information may vary with each witness.


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