Apple Lists Reasons Behind iPhone 15 Overheating

Apple Inc. on Saturday said that recent claims of new iPhones getting too hot to the touch are due to software and app-related bugs and that fixes are coming soon. The company said the device can get warm in the first few days as it works overtime to set up and restore a user’s data. It also can heat up if a customer uses a USB-C power adapter that provides more than 20 watts. The issue does not affect the battery life of the devices, and it does not pose a safety risk, Apple said.

Apple said it will release an update to iOS 17 that will prevent the iPhone from getting uncomfortably warm and is working with developers of apps that are causing the device to overheat. A spokesman for the company told Bloomberg that some updates to third-party apps such as Meta Platforms Inc.’s Instagram, Uber Technologies Inc.’s app, and the game Asphalt 9 caused the device to run warmer than usual. The spokesman said that Instagram had already mitigated the problem with an app update on Sept. 27.

The spokesman added that the overheating is unrelated to the titanium frame or aluminum substructure of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, designed to be better at dissipating heat than previous stainless steel models. It is also unrelated to the devices’ switch from Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable to a universal USB-C port, which was required for the phones to comply with European regulatory requirements.

Some users reported their iPhones were so hot that they were uncomfortable to hold and could not use them for an extended period. Others reported that their phones were so hot they were damaged and had to be returned.

In a video posted on YouTube, an iPhone 15 Pro owner claimed the phone’s battery was so hot that it was burning his fingers. He said the issue started after he updated his phone to iOS 17 and started using Instagram and other third-party apps that he downloaded from the App Store.

Apple says the upcoming iOS 17.1 software update will fix the bug that contributed to the iPhone overheating without reducing the performance of the device’s A17 Pro chip. The company said it is not recommending customers downgrade to older software versions as that may lead to other problems, such as slowness or freezing.

Apple’s stock was down by almost 2% in premarket trading on Friday after it released its first warning about overheating issues with its newest smartphone model. The overheating complaints come just three weeks after the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max were introduced to buyers. The higher-end phones are aimed at more serious gamers and feature a faster processor and more prominent display than the standard iPhones. The company has not disclosed how many devices suffer from overheating problems. Still, it has encouraged customers to contact its support team or visit an Apple Store.


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