Telltale Signs You May Have Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity is a medical condition that seems to be attracting the attention of many. Actually, most people are now cautious of the food they consume to ensure they keep their health in check. No wonder undergoing a gluten sensitivity test is essential if you are to tell your current health situation.

If you suspect that you may have a gluten sensitivity, you should always take the bold initiative of consulting with a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis. But there are several signs and symptoms that may indicate the need for a gluten sensitivity test. Below are some of the most common ones.

Digestive Problems

Persistent bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation can be signs of gluten intolerance. These symptoms tend to occur once an individual consumes food containing gluten. This can include bread, pasta, or even baked goods. In this regard, you should make it the norm to pay close attention to your body’s response to these foods and note any patterns or recurring symptoms if any.

Constant Fatigue and Weakness

Feeling tired and low in energy, even after getting enough rest, is a common symptom that people with gluten intolerance make do with. This fatigue can be persistent and may not improve with sleep or rest. It can affect your daily activities and overall quality of life. Always be cautious of this sign and enlist medical assistance to clear your doubt before it gets too late.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Gluten intolerance can also lead toinflammation in the body, leading to joint and muscle pain. It is worth noting that this pain can be widespread or localized to specific areas of the body. Moreover, it may worsen with physical activity or certain movements. Be sure to contact your doctor if you constantly experience joint and muscle pain. In this way, you can undergo a gluten sensitivity test for affirmation.

It is worth mentioning that these signs and symptoms are not exclusive to gluten sensitivity and may be caused by various other factors. For this reason, always consult with a healthcare professional to determine if a gluten sensitivity test is essential.


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